Shipwrecks around the World: Revelations of the Past
Author Tripati, Sila (ed)
Year 2015
Binding Hardback
Pages xx+827p, maps, figs, ind, 26 cm.
ISBN10, ISBN13 8192624447, 9788192624440
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About the Book:

In recent years more people and institutes have realised the importance of our maritime past and the need to save the remains from the ravages of time and illegal activities through recently developed tools and scientific methods of maritime archaeology. The developed scientific techniques have helped to make maritime archaeological studies more systematic. And now it is possible for archaeologists to reconstruct in detail the daily lives onboard, commerce and technology from findings such as cargoes, personal belongings and ship remains. 'Shipwrecks around the World: Revelations of the past', covers the story of many shipwrecks from the 15th century onwards, from the Pacific to the Mediterranean, from the north Atlantic to south Atlantic, from Europe to Australia, each shipwreck encapsulating a moment in time and thus illuminating an entire era. The book contains 35 significant and scholarly articles written by specialists involved in the scientific survey of shipwrecks. In addition to papers on shipwrecks, there are papers on conservation of shipwreck finds, and UNESCO Field School on Underwater Cultural Heritage 2009-2011, Thailand, capacity building in the Asian and Pacific Region, and the 2001 UNESCO Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage. The book contains illustrations of lost ships, drawings supported by original maps and a good number of both inland and underwater photographs of artefacts and antiquities that were recovered and documented in the course of exploration and excavation. Undoubtedly this book will fascinate, enhance the knowledge of researchers and scholars and provide them with an insight into shipwrecks. Shipwrecks around the World also provides one with a positive look at future sites and an exciting glimpse into deepwater shipwreck findings.



1. The Pepper wreck as a case study for the Portuguese India route ships by Filipe Castro and Nuno Fonseca
2. The shipwrecks of the Baltic Sea - A unique maritime archaeological source material by Johan Rönnby
3. The Avondster (1659) wrecked twice in Galle: Historical-Archaeological research of an Anglo-Dutch East-Indiaman in Sri Lanka by Robert Parthesius
4. The wreck of the Quedagh Merchant: An Indian Merchantman captured by Captain William Kidd by Frederick H Hanselmann and Charles D Beeker
5. Triangular identities: In search of fragata Santo António de Tanna (Vasai/Goa 1680, Mombasa 1697) by Jean-Yves Blot
6. World history from the seabed: Rescuing a Portuguese shipwreck off the coast of Namibia by Shadreck Chirikure and Ashton Sinamai
7. Shipbuilding in India: Evidence from the Sydney Cove Shipwreck by Michael Nash
8. A survey for shipwrecks, submerged settlements and seafaring technology in Bahrain by Ralph K Pedersen
9. Archaeology of complete ships - on the potential of well-preserved wrecks of 17th century merchant fluyts in the Baltic Sea by Niklas Eriksson
10. The Tagbita Bay shipwreck: A late 19th century sailing ship by Bobby C Orillaneda
11. Exploration of iron, steel and steam shipwrecks in Australia by Michael McCarthy
12. Steamship technology through the ages - An overview by Malcolm Turner
13. Abandoned ships in Australia by Mark Staniforth and Nathan Richards
14. Some methodological aspects related to the study of historical shipwrecks, based on two decades of maritime archaeological research in Southern Africa by Bruno E J S Werz
15. Lead cooking braziers from a shipwreck off the Ashkelon coast, Israel by Ehud Galili and Baruch Rosen
16. The underwater archaeological survey conducted by the Greek Mission in Alexandria, Egypt (1998-2010) by Harry E Tzalas
17. The Department of Underwater Archaeological Research: An Administrative and Research Organisation concerned with underwater heritage of French territorial waters by Michel L’hour
18. Maritime Archaeology in Sri Lanka: Twenty five years old and a new beginning by Somasiri Devendra and Rasika Muthucumarana
19. Maritime archaeological explorations in Indonesian waters by Nia Naelul Hasanah Ridwan
20. Research in maritime archaeology in Portugal: A view of the past and present by Tiago Miguel Fraga, Cristóvão Fonseca, Inés Pinto Coelho, Jorge Freire, Patrìcia Carvalho and Andrè Teixeira
21. The potential of underwater archaeology in Kenya: A short communication by Caesar Bita
22. Maritime archaeology in New Zealand: Trials, tribulations and opportunities by Matthew Carter and Andy Dodd
23. Maritime and underwater cultural heritage of the United Republic of Tanzania: History, opportunities and future directions by Elgidius Ichumbaki B
24. Underwater Archaeology in Spain by Xavier Nieto
25. Memories of the sea by Patrick Lizè and Emmanuelle Lizè
26. Introduction to underwater excavation of cultural heritage in Korea by Whan-Suk Moon
27. An approach to Riverine Archaeology: The French example by Eric Rieth
28. Cupressus sempervirens (Cypress) as hull construction timber of sunken shipwrecks in the East Mediterranean by Nili Liphschitz
29. The conservation of waterlogged wood - An overview of developments by Ian Godfrey
30. The conservation of iron artefacts recovered from the marine environment by Jon Carpenter
31. Maritime Archaeology: The end of its subordinate role by Valerie Fenwick
32. The future of Maritime Archaeology: Geopolitics, Nationalism and Resource scarcity by Joe Flatman
33. UNESCO field school on underwater cultural heritage 2009-2011, Thailand capacity building in the Asian and Pacific region by Martijn Manders and Christopher J Underwood
34. The 2001 UNESCO Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage by Arturo Rey da Silva
35. An overview of shipwreck explorations in Indian waters by Sila Tripati

About the Author:

Sila Tripati (1962) is a Maritime Archaeologist with the CSIR-National Institute of Oceanography, Goa, India. He specialises in shipwrecks, stone anchors, maritime trade and submerged ports of the Indian subcontinent and has published widely on the subject.